Wednesday, 18 March 2009

'The New Modesty'

Long gone are the days where we stare at a snapshot of Lily Donaldson strutting down the D&G catwalk in head-to-toe tartan and think ‘That? Really?’ and proceed to desperately try and conform to a maddening trend. Let’s be honest: there’s only so much clueless-Mum-In-Law-at-the-Scottish-wedding one can stylishly get away with.

Yes. The times are a-changing and following the recent London Fashion Week it’s clear that your regular fashion house can no longer afford to send blindingly elaborate attire down the catwalk – the global recession has officially taken its toll on fashion planet.

So what does this mean? Well, for us that are deprived of throw-away money (aka everyone normal), we can ACTUALLY chuck on a white t-shirt and leggings and not feel like regular victims of the Primark Sale rail. In the modern day, this makes us have taste. Hoorah!

If you just can’t consider it, then get on to some websites (I recommend and witness the catwalk colour deficiency and the complete lack of print and pattern.

However, if you just can’t manage the thought and need some sheer brazen up-ness in your style life then look into Kenzo and Blumarine who shone in this season’s Fashion Week and clearly didn’t let the economic climate swallow their ingenuity.

I’d personally take style advice from the experts whilst we can, when such a thing doesn’t empty our bank accounts. And with Karl Lagerfeld, overseer of creative direction at both Chanel and Fendi, dubbing it as ‘the new modesty’, you can’t really go wrong. ‘We are entering a phase of reality fashion’, he declared. ‘Bling is over.’

'The New Modesty' at Fendi

A minimalist LWD at Giorgio Armani

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