Thursday, 10 September 2009

Is that Ashley in big knickers?

Marie Claire US September 09
New York Vintage Bra ; Southpaw Vintage Bottoms

Yes... that is Ashley Olsen in big. white. knickers.

Somehow i don't think this new 'chic' way of styling magic pants is going to last. It'll only work for ultra-skinnies like our Ashley (and she does look fabulous) but doesn't that rather defeat the entire point of magic -suck in the flab- pants?
It's like 'You don't need those! What are you trying to squeeze in?'
On the other hand, fashion and logic don't always go together.
What do you think? How are you liking this new style of lingerie?
PD x
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1 comment:

Daniella said...

It does look great on her! I loved that Marie Claire shoot.

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