Wednesday, 7 October 2009

1.Wo/Man at London Fashion Week

About three words sum up Monday 21st September for me -
Crazy, happy and surreal...
Aindrea Emelife, the girl behind fashionista du jour, gave Camilla two tickets to her exciting fashion show of which she was the Project Manager (at 15 years old! She's amazing).
The project, organised by BBC Blast, ran for 5-6 months in which a group of 13 to 19 year olds designed, produced and styled a brand new collection, PLUS organised the fashion show itself (phew..)

On arrival we got wristbands and grabbed the last two copies of The Daily before we got sat front row, next to the art editor of Amelia's Magazine - Satu Fox.
She was so nice. Like, SO nice. How-are-you-in-the-fashion-industry nice.
So amazingly nice that she put her trust in US (us meer, small fashion bloggers) to take over her job for the evening and write a next-day report on the entire show.
We acted cool about it. But we really weren't.

We did the article at 8 in the morning the next day (dedication!) and you can find the link in the column to the left - we were so proud!

Aindrea was adorable and nothing like a 15 year old - sweet, mature and stunningly dressed. (I say this because my sisters are 15 and really not...)
We also met Sophie (fashion editor of The Dish) & Claire (from Young Shields) who, i swear, we did not stop laughing once in the company of! Like us, they were your average sixth formers so had just commuted from the depths of teenagehood to be placed in the middle of Fashion Week : the same scary boat.
The show was really impressive, especially for a group of teenagers. The structures were innovative and on-trend but the fabrics fairly simple. It was extremely urban in most places and the shoes were AWESOME (sequined brogues and floral wedges).
Here are my favourites from the show:
PD x

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young-shields said...

hey, was lovely to meet you at this! i agree, we did not stop lolling, and i really like your blog too...

claire x

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