Tuesday, 27 April 2010


i have this friend called suzie.

she's a true free-spirit.
she listens to class music from the likes of dylan, supertramp, the beatles.
she's always in trouble (her nickname is 'miss terarmitage'soffice')
you'll most likely see her on london's old street, partying hard with the rich.
but likewise in camden town, rolling cigarettes and talking to hippies.

most of all, we love her.
and she has very. cool. clothes.

cardigan - urban outfitters; scarf - camden market; vest - h&m; belt - vintage;
skirt - topshop; boots - camden market

her clothes never match and she goes where the wind blows!
that's why i love her style.

PD x
listening to: red hot chili peppers

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