Friday, 28 January 2011

#life is my friend, rake it up to take it in

i'm literally light-years distance from the world of phone-nerds. i barely know anything when it comes to mobiles. if i can text and phone on it, i'm interested. and that's as far as my specification goes.

but honestly, this phone is NICE. it's named samsung wave II, apparently. my new little piece of luxury. it's pretty big but i like that. the camera is of a very high quality (hence the above snaps i took in my room today ^). see that? those came from a mobile phone!

okay, enough geek jargon. reason im talking about technical stuff is that the now project launched today. and i've been assigned as one of their 'vip's. the phone was complimentary for me to snap away all day everyday, documenting my so-called 'now' moments.

the idea is that you guys and anyone & everyone all around the world gets onto the facebook app
and uploads their 'now' moments. select winners recieve the new samsung wave II and a place in a special exhibition at the london design museum. (i'll be there!)

it's a great way to promote your talent if you aspire to a life in photography
so let me know if you post a snap, and i'll vote for you.

get on it! >

PD x
listening to: - robyn, worriedaboutsatan, frightenedrabbit. leif's music influence.
all images: my own.


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Looks nice! :)

P.S. I passed the "7 Facts Award" onto you because I simply love your blog and would love to learn more! :)

Susie said...

Nice meeting you today Georgia! I'm sure I'll bump into you during the rest of LFW! xx Susie @ Take-out in Couture

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