Friday, 21 November 2008

The Greatest All-Time British Fashion Designer...

How on earth do we decide such a thing?

Our country holds some of the greatest names in Fashion that this world has ever seen. Designers who have pioneered, smashed all clothing etiquette, who have shocked and captured imaginations and who have provided that beacon of inspiration for budding young designers today.

But who is the 'greatest'? Perhaps by greatest we mean the one who has made the most money. Or the one who has had the most celebrity clients. Or maybe even the one who has just lasted the longest in the stormy ups and downs of the Fashion Industry.

For me, the greatest would be the designer who has had the most positive influence over what the average person throws on every day. The one that has made the biggest and most pressing transformation in the way we all shop and dress up to make ourselves feel confident and beautiful.

Ossie Clark is renowned for his celebration of women and the introduction of retro swinging-sixties.

Vivienne Westwood's introduction of the corset and controversial fig-leaf tights sparked inspiration and debate.

Jonathan Saunders has been known for his feminine tailoring and cutting.

Alexander McQueen has wowed with his ground breaking catwalk shows and dramatic introduction of theatrical costume design into mainstream fashion.

Luella Bartley has perfectly epitamised all that is British into her collections and had immeasurable influence over what the young people of Britain wear today.

But who comes out on top? Tell me what you think in my current poll.


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