Thursday, 11 March 2010

the glossy review, march

okay, now yes vogue... kate moss is the queen of undressed glamour. but you put her in a prada chandelier dress worth £11,200 (no, i'm not kidding!) and call it undressed?
i guess if you look at it in the literal sense then yes, she is rather undressed. and still looking stunning as ever.
can you believe this is her 27th vogue cover?
OH chloe sevigny... the style queen herself has been splashed over this month's elle in all her quirky, sartorial glory. the photo shoot was so eclectic - song lyrics were scattered all over the glossy pages.
plus - not only is sevigny gorgeous in an incredible unique way, but it seems she also has the brains to match.
i quote - 'i was out to dinner with three strong, intelligent women and all they could talk about was men. I was like, "if you don't change the topic, I'm leaving."'
what a girl.

clemence poesy is another one of those unusual beauties.
when i was fourteen, i sat in the cinema watching the goblet of fire and had no clue why ron weasley was in love with this funny-looking girl.
this may have been partial jelousy... i did have a small (and very embaressing) crush on rupert grint at the time.
but then i saw in bruge a couple of months ago, and my opinion completely changed.
this girl is beautiful, elegant and has completely effortless style.
i recommend that film to anyone (watch it!) and it's leading lady is definately worthy of this month's tatler cover.

i want to make a habit of including vanity fair in the glossy review, because well, it's a great magazine with classy covers.
but yes, i know that michael douglas is on the front this month.
and is hardly your average fashion goer.
but, for amusement's sake, here is the big man (or shall i say, small man) pulling an odd expression infront of piles of 'gold'. lovely.

PD x

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