Thursday, 4 March 2010

Site of the Month (0.3)

okay, so technically this is a blog!
but this is the most wonderful photo-blog i've come across yet.

editorials/catwalk snaps/personal photos/historical pictures/vintage images
it's filled with inspiration.

i've drawn so much from this blog.
it makes you want to put plaits in your hair, throw on a crochet dress, pile on chunky rings and BE a hippy.
PD x


SugarCube said...

I love that blog too :}
I've been to LazyLand sorry ..promise to post tons of stuff soon.

Ruth loves said...

hello gorgeous :) that is one awesome site! I read the email! omgomgomg deffo want to trade things haha! i took a few pictures, but im not sure if you'll like my things! if not no worries! i'll reply soon to the email beaut :) xxxxx

Robyn said...

These pictures are so lovely! I'm scrolling through the pics right now... I love getting good blog recommendations from awesome bloggers. Thanks!

Thanks for your comment over at too! I would love to link each other, and I'm definitely about to go add you to the blogs I follow. Yay bloggy friendships, haha.


SugarCube said...

I love how they pull off stuff you never thought would look good or how they combine plain clothes in unusual ways and create something totally unique :} I'm super!How about you?What have you been up to ?

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