Thursday, 27 May 2010

is it obvious i don't like twilight?

july 2010 elle, subscribers cover

july 2010 elle, newstand cover

i have an undying love for elle magazine.
i've always bought it every month without fail and it has my full respect.
but this month that respect has somehow doubled after making kristen stewart look on some level glamorous! (extra kudos to anne-marie curtis - love her.)

just... how?!

it's not that she's unattractive.
but it's hardly like she's in anyway attractive either!
and believe me, i've tried hard, on every level, to see her 'beauty'.

i know she doesn't have that conventional pretty look.
so i looked at her as edgy and grungy instead.
didn't work - in that case she just has greasy hair and resembles a boy.
i then of course looked to her personality, maybe she has a beautiful character?
no. she's just moody and cynical as far as i've seen, calling acting 'professional lying'.

reasons are therefore obvious as to why i thought kristen stewart was a strange choice for the front of this month's elle.

natalie portman, kylie minogue, kate winslet.
those are the kind of queens i want to see on the cover and then read about.
not some moody teenager from LA.

although this might just be because i don't like twilight.

despite all this, i will naturally look forward to july's issue popping through my letterbox in the next couple of days.

i can't believe i've just spent this whole post ranting,
what has come over me?!

i promise my next post will be sunnier :)

PD x
listening to: wait 'til you see my smile - alicia keys
images: photography by matthias viens mcgrath courtesy of uk elle magazine (via


Jessica Weingarten said...

Amen, sister! I HAAAAATE her.

She's so ungrateful for all of her success that she doesn't deserve and cannot act to save her life.


----- said...

OMG I HATE HER tOO in a non judgemental way!!
Her acting skills are so POOR especially in New moon. I've seen her on interviews and she is so bland. And her hair in runaway YUK!!
jessica- i agree she is so ungrateful for her sucess but her success in my eyes are liess LOLS

sorry!! my next comment to you will be sunnier :D
diana xx

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