Tuesday, 8 June 2010

wait 'til you see my smile..

... on 22nd june when my exams finish and i am as free as a bird.
everything is so beautiful right now.
everything but those pesky revision files, staring at me twentyfour-seven.

once i can burn them (no, seriously) i can proceed in having a blissful summer.

selling jewellery, hunting down lammies cowboy boots in canada, eating mountains of chinese with my pa in vancouver, chilling with friends, spending heavenly days with my love, reading in the menorca sun.

my current image obsessions, courtesy of rumi neely and her bohoness.

these have been inspiring my latest project -
i'm thinking of a starting a small hand-made jewellery business, inspired by the beautiful islands of polynesia in the pacific.

think bone, leather, coral, wood, shells, feathers, wood, teeth & coconut.
the ball's already rolling, so watch this space :)
PD x
listening to: second hand news - fleetwood mac
images: courtesy of fashiontoast.com


joninel said...

great pics...

follow me please if u like my blog

joninel said...

thx for following me. follow u via bloglovin

the last Bali fashion week was held in 2008..i don't have much info about that. i'm sorry :(

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