Tuesday, 15 June 2010

which summer kaftan?

they are both so perfect!
i found them on cocosa.com for £45 each, by lily and lionel.
the white is 100% cotton
the black is 100% silk
i can only afford one, so which shall it be?


PD x
listening to: light my fire - the doors

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Rianna Bethany said...

the black one!!!
Rianna xxxx

Ruth said...

Georgia! Hey!!
Im SO sorry i haven't replied in so long.. exams are shit!
Ive joined on Cocosa, they have some really cool stuff on there! I saw these on the other day!
I love the detailing on the white, its cute, and white would be cooler because it reflects light/heat..

But, the blacks shape is SO gorgeous and i think its better short sleeved, go for black and add some sequins on the black!

Love, Ruth xo

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