Saturday, 26 June 2010

lako bukia's 'c u b a r t'

this coming tuesday, 29th June, i'll be lucky enough to represent amelia's magazine in taking a peek at the latest collection of the fresh new georgian talent that is lako bukia.

this exclusive event for press and buyers will be held at felicities designer showroom in shoreditch london and will present the 'c u b a r t' collection, inspired by the cubist movement - pablo picasso and russian theatrical costumiers in particular.

after seeing the lookbook on, the collection really seems to achieve what it says on the tin - depict cubism art through fashion.
shaping something famously 2D into 3D form, although taking note from russian costume designers of the cubist movement, would have been quite a challenge.

however, the perpendicular lines that are so striking throughout, the sharp contrast from black velvet to white wool, those big chunky cubic heels and even right down to those square black lips seems to pull the concept together seamlessly and with ease.

love these heels!

i am SO looking forward to seeing this intriguing collection up close, and maybe even seeing the talented lako bukia herself! :)

i'll report on my thoughts of the event, complete with tons of snaps, right here on PD.
happy saturday!

PD x
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Hannah Hebron said...


I looooved your blog! already on my favs! :)


Ruth said...

Hello lovely!
I know! I've missed talking to you :( How've you been?
I love the tights ahhhhh i need some of those, the cubism works so well! Especially on the lips

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, i really appreciate it! Love, Ruth xo

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Woahh those are sooo cool. Amazing black and white contrasting.

MarchMusings said...

I can see the thought behind these dresses. She's very gifted. I'd love to follow your blog. Following now

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

The shoes and the lips really are amazing.
Thanks for the comment, it's actually winter here in Australia so I need the gloves! ;)

Irina said...

hum gostei do blog muito legal um show de cores ta lindo um grande beijo e bom domingo

Klécia Galvão said...

vc é de Natal?
Obrigada pela visita no bloguitxo.

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