Monday, 7 March 2011

#dream up dream up; it was only a change of plan

i am drastically changing PD.

if you look at the bar up at the top of the page, you'll see there are now additional pages for me to seperate my millions of musings in an organized fashion.

i've also had a huge, brutal cleanse of the sidebars. i'm thinking it looks a lot neater.

there will be blog posts as per usual, but
i will now update:

# a reading list, compiled of the unforgettable books i adore, that i highly recommend. and of books that look utterly essential and that i plan to read.

# a playlist, of tracks that are somehow perfect, that i think you should listen to.

# a links page, of a select few links in each of their respective areas. links that i continually use myself.

# an 'important people' page, people you should read about or listen to because they're just plain inspirational and that's that.

# a page filled with my own photography.

PD x
listening to: neil young

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