Friday, 11 March 2011

* GIVEAWAY * (remember you must be a follower)

wellllll this is actually my

and i'll be handing over a brand new copy of 'Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty', fresh from the V&A bookshop yesterday, to one lucky reader.

want to be in the chance of winning this beautifully illustrated, quirky little memoir?

you must be a follower of this blog
& you must leave a comment on this post

the competition will close on wednesday

gooood luck :)
and happy friday!

PD x


salut! sophie said...

Yay for your first giveaway! The prize is amazing too, I've seen exercepts from the book and the illustrations are gorgeous.


pretty things♥ said...

I was just reading about this today and thought it sounded amazing! Oh and your blog is lovely, I love your image of the Elle team :)

Plinth said...

Love the look of this book,so yes please!fingers crossed!you have my email!x

Abby said...

Oh I love giveaways!! I hope that I get chosen! :)

Erica said...

This is a cool giveaway! I am wanting to do one too, I just don't know what to give yet haha

I'm hosting an event on my blog titled "A Blogger to Know" and I would love for you to check it out and see if you would be interested in participating!
the details are here:

Hope to hear from you!!

Susie said...

Oooh! Your first give-away and an awesome one too! Crossing fingers!
xoxoxo Susie @ Take-out in Couture

The Fashion P.A. said...

This giveaway is REALLY DIVINE !!!

I love, love, love fashion illustrations, and Christian Lacroix :D Fashion illustrations seems to be a theme right now on my blog. I'm obsessed!!!!

Wishing, hoping, praying ;)

Dana Paramita said...

nice post and it sounds amazing!
check mine dear and you can follow if you like :)

Maria Papadimitriou said...

lovely book Georgia - and congrats on your work you deserve tons of followers! X

Maria Papadimitriou said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria Papadimitriou said...

oh and my e mail is :-)

indie by heart said...

I'm from Finland, may I participate..? :) Well anyways I'm your new follower !

Lovely giveaway<3 It's so rare to find books as gifts on blogs, love this.

Indie by Heart

Maria del Carmen Smith said...

OMG the book cover is so beautiful, I want want want to flip over the pages while in my bed... just like a dream!
Lovely blog, and so much to read here I wish I could have the perfect grammar so I could have more confidence in my writing oh well one day.
30 day challenge sounds hard but you are very inspiring and I'm sure is going to be a real treat to read it :)

genie espinosa said...

super cool giveaway! thanks! i want to enter! yaaaay!
Good luck everyone! :-D


I've also RT this entry! :-D

PrettyDivine said...

Thank you for entering everyone! Another giveaway soon! (:

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