Saturday, 2 July 2011

for summer and beyond, please.

i need these in my life.

these moroccan-esque bohemian babies look set to come back on the fashion scene as the ultimate 60s footwear.

i want mine in tan brown with a red/pinkish rug fabric, with denim shorts and a fringed loosely-worn top. they'd be perfect for bestival in sunnier weather & then trotting the streets of london in winter.

nicely-priced pairs can be found at
& for the more expensive -

PD x
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M & Em said...

Oh, those are so cute! They'd look amazing with denim shorts like you said.


Louise said...

I LOOOVE these! xx

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Susie said...

I LOVE those boots! Love, love, love. I totally need a pair now.

indie by heart said...

mmmh, gorgeous boots !! ^^ i want a pair tooooo.... ^^

xx indie by heart

Ruby Gray's Antique & Vintage Rings said...

Great photo!

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