Sunday, 31 July 2011

the chilis @ the o2

the red hot chili peppers make music that i get endlessly excited about. goodness knows how many times i've listened to their stadium arcadium album - the album that, controversial to some, made me fall head-over-heels in the first place.

after seeing by the way sung by anthony in harmony with that ultimate bass-line by flea, way back in 2006 in ipswich, i was well and truly besotted. it was summer, twilight, and anthony's words carrying across the stadium have stuck in my memory ever since.

with dates for their i'm with you world tour appearing in what seemed like every country but my own, i was beginning to lose hope that i'd be able to see them perform again in the near future without spending 2 month's rent travelling to berlin or brazil.

suddenly, i had 1 day's notice to panic as i heard they were doing 3 whole dates right here in landaaan. AH. at the o2, granted (much too big of a venue, in my opinion), but using my usual panicky desperate uncontrollably competitive techniques to get the best tickets feasibly possible, i knew i'd be there.

and now? 2 tickets for november 7th in 'general admission' on the floor. yes, i did itttt. this means i will be queuing for hours in order to get as far to the front as possible, with the squashing by raging moshers completelyy irrelevant to me. i. do. not. care.

this also gives me over 2 months to breathe in their new album, i'm with you, due for release on 30th august, in preparation. very very excited.

their new single above, the adventures of rain dance maggie, should keep me going until 30th august. it's going to be emotional.

PD x
reading: tim harford - adapt; hemingway - fiesta: the sun also rises
images via; clara balzary on the chilis' facebook

note: anthony kiedis' autobiography, scar tissue, is an amazing read. find my review on the reading list.

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