Friday, 16 September 2011

London Fashion Week S/S12 Day 1

Outfit of the day - Malene Oddershe Bach @ Ones To Watch
Turquoise and acid yellow with under a wash of exotic print? I want it all.

Paul Costelloe began our London Fashion Week journey; bright and early as always.
Lots of nudes, heavy-hanging dresses and hemlines aswell as remixed old-fashioned curtain fabric. Playful colour-popping suits for the boys.

Krystof Strozyna was wearable, sexy and with lush colouring. But nothing too daring. Definitely expected more.

My favourite moment of Bora Aksu - the opening!
Aside from this rich cream prettiness, it was all midnight blues and rich autumnal tones and dramatic thick layers of fabric - did Bora know he was designing for Spring/Summer?
Chuffed I nabbed this season's Bora Aksu tights in ma goodie bag - result!

Bit of FROW action - Susie Bubble and Diana Vickers front row at Krystof Strozyna. Oh and Young Shields' Claire aswell - blog power!


Today has been hectic. I've seen no less than 7 shows, 1 presentation and enough 'mwah mwah dahling! you look so chic, is that Caroline Charles?' to make me throw up a bit in my mouth - but it's all been good fun! Once you get past the posers hovering nonchalantly by street style photographers, extensive waiting for shows to begin and the aching shoulders from endless free magazines you have no idea why you're hoarding, London Fashion Week is bloody brilliant! This post has only been moaning so far. It's the end of the day. Apologies.

Seeing Amelia every now and then was a lovely treat throughout the day! This time round at London Fashion Week, the hype and warmness that is spoken of her is even more overwhelming. Amelia's Magazine's presence just seems to grow and grow.

Favourite overall show of the day was undoubtedly Jena Theo. Sadly, no photos as of yet. But will have some soon. In fact, Amelia's Magazine have a great fashion photographer contributing this season and he's sending them over to me tonight. Will blog them soon. It was FAB. It was all sexy bed hair and ultimate lounge clothes that just scream casual seductress. I loved it. And the playlist was GREAT - Austra & Trent Razor! Best soundtrack to a fashion show I think I've ever experienced.

Time for bed. Had stir fry and cobra beer watching Breaking Bad (AWESOME US tv series) to half wind down this evening. Waking up extra early to get going again tomorrow.

And it's onto Day 2!
(Masha Ma; Jacob Kimmie; Jaeger London; John Rocha)

See you on the other side.
PD x
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