Sunday, 25 January 2009

Fashion on TOAST.

For my sunday breakfast...

............ - CHECK IT OUT NOW.

The gorgeous girls, Caroline and Camilla, got me reading this cool cool blog and gosh is it ever addictive...

With some beautiful photography, oh-so-chic styling and splashes of fashion advice from Rumi herself.. what's not to love?

The way the editor mixes vintage and designer, individuality and commercialism is really spot on. And after reading her lastest post, that Mary Quant black velvet skirt i almost threw out doesn't seem like such a bad idea!

It's a blog you've just got to follow. And when you're done reading, check out her endless list of other fashion blogs you can check out.

Doesn't look like that English essay is getting done today... I'm tracking down a pair of those Sam Edelman boots...

.............Note To Self: Actually USE your gym membership (woah.) and achieve legs like those of Rumi's ... I'll start using it again on Monday... (maybe.)

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