Monday, 19 January 2009


You'll be proudly claiming yourself as one of these after you check out this new, elaborate micro-trend that Spring 2009 has in store for us.

Forget Anglomania this season... it’s time for the royalty of Egypt to rise again and take to the streets. Hieroglyphics are the new tartan. Ropes are the new leather accessories. Giant gems are the new oversized pearls. This season we’re to forget big bold pieces and pay more attention to elegant detail.
Autumn/Winter saw us parading the streets in head to toe tartan a la Westwood. The colour palette was small. Neutral greys, browns and slick, chic black occupied our wardrobes. Well it’s now time to clock an extra 1000 years in the flux capacitor, break all colour boundaries and look like a walking tomb of ancient riches.
Think lavish gold and silver; turquoise with forest green; royal blue and metallic bronze.

Still need convincing? Then just take a look at what this season’s catwalks were effortlessly teeming with. Hemlines were high, necklines were embellished and limbs were weighed down. Zac Posen tainted models with bank busting bejewelled accessories with gigantically glamorous earrings. Elegant, arm hugging gold cuffs were seen at Ralph Lauren. ‘Nefertiti Chic’ empowered hairstyles at Christian Dior with sleek, ornate top knots and crimped detailing.

But how, you say, do I achieve the 'look'? Well here are the key pieces you need:

As for beautifying, it really couldn’t be simpler: Tie up that hair, Slick on the black liquid eyeliner and bronze those cheeks. It’s time to really Walk Like An Egyptian.

A Contemporary Cleopatra at Zac Posen
Photo: Marcio Madiera

Nefertiti-Chic Ornate Top-Knots at Christian Dior
Photo: Greg Kessler

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