Sunday, 25 January 2009


I took an impulsive lunchtime stroll around Topshop on Friday... and (surprise surprise) i walked out with a dress and three hairbands... really weren't essentially needed in the grand scale of things. And eventhough i did bound back in to college with a beaming grin on my face at the utter joy of some new beautiful things, i do now realise that it ate in to my fund for this Summer. Lord help me.

Benicassim ticket : £175
Return Flight to Valencia: £250 .. And going up at about a tenner a day...

At richer times i could have cheered myself up with these...
And yes, they're from Topshop. (sshh.)

listening to lucky soul - ain't never been cool

1 comment:

Simple Trust said...

Gee i spent £200 on Topshop stuff over the past week!!!
And i really am feeling the burn due to lack of funds! :)

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