Tuesday, 26 January 2010

chloe s/s 2010

"Nobody ever falls in love with you when you look great. It's a rule. The real ones love you when you are you." - Anjelica Huston
chloe spring/summer 10
it's the season of the nudes and no-one does natural better than chloe.
the picture above is so beautiful.
simple & effortless.

chloe spring/summer 10
i'm really not a fan of dressing like a male, but i love this reworked denim.
everything could potentially be wrong with this design : half-way high waisted jeans, barely there belt, done up shirt, sandals.
it could be hideous.
but chloe somehow makes everything elegant and feminine.
PD x
quote: via cocosteaparty.com

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Ruth loves said...

Ahhh that was such a lovely comment! :) Yeah i totally get what you mean.. i know a guy that had his identity stole :s
My email is: xruthhowsam@live.com
I totally agree with you on the nudes - and the denim is lovely! How am i not following you?! Your like one of my favorite bloggers, will do it right away :) ! xxx

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