Monday, 25 January 2010

the most beautiful dress i have ever seen

i am wordless.
via fashionslam.blogspot


DIANA DYE said...

I must agree that dress is fantastic!! It is full of wonder sooo young and fresh and free spirited am in love!! Love the blog you feature many vintage items and very high fashion items, your blog is so witty and whimsical! Keep-up the good work Yay!!!

Ruth loves said...

THAT DRESS IS BEAAAAAAAAUTIFUL. I cant wait for summer now!! And the post below.. waaah! Thats the front of her head! As much as im completely in love with fashion, please, please tell my why anyone on earth would want a plait on the front of their head? Some things completely baffle me.
I'm in year 11, but took a GCSE a year early so im doing 1 AS at the moment, which i agree with you, is a complete pain - but yours are probably harder! :P
My boyfriends in the year above.. and he's really snowed under with work too aha!
Don't we all just love school...

Ooh, do you have facebook or msn :)? xxx

SugarCube said...

You're probably the first person ever to use me as a source - so freaking amazed!I'm doing fine,except I hate the weather right now.How bout you?I love your blog too!:}}}

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