Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Site of the Month (0.1)

free shopping!

it's a dream come true.
i've just signed up to covertcandy, a website that allows you to swap your unused clothes with others, therefore gaining a brand new wardrobe without having to spend a penny!
it declutters your house and it's eco-friendly. genius.

my friend at is where i discovered this amazing invention and she infact has a giveaway happening right now, courtesy of covertcandy.
happy clothes swapping!
PD x
listening to: californication - red hot chili peppers


Ruth loves said...

:o this is amazing
im SO signing up for this! have you heard of lockerz?
you can add me on facebook too :) search Ruth Howsam (its the one with the pic..) :) xxxxx

fhen said...

wow this is amazing!
i should have take a look
thanks for sharing!!

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