Tuesday, 9 February 2010

the glossy review, february

alexa chung makes her vogue debut this month, proclaiming her obsession with all-that-is denim:
"My newfound appetite for all things dungaree is a worry."
she still hasn't won me over yet, there's just something about her... perhaps the manly voice.

stunning english model, amber le bon, makes the tatler cover
in what i think is my new favourite dress of all time (see my post titled 'the most beautiful dress i have ever seen').
i hadn't heard of her before i saw this striking cover. she is apparently the daughter of duran duran's lead singer (hence the headline).
i would never have thought her english - she appears italian. so beautiful!

this month's vanity fair showcases the new faces of hollywood. on the cover: abbie cornish, kristen stewart & carey mulligan

my ultimate favourite, as always, elle.
oh elle... with the lovely liv tyler.
she does us pale faces proud! stunning.

and finally, harper's bazaar takes a look at the career of kate moss, now spanning 20 years. i've never been an admirer of kate. ever.
but you have to hand it to her, purely for surviving such a tough industry for more than two decades.

your favourite covershoot this month?

getting excited for london fashion week (:

PD x

listening to: better on the other side (mj tribute) - the game, usher & chris brown


Ruth loves said...

I didnt know kate had been around for 20 years! :o Wow, nice one Kate. I love alexa chung.. but i dont think shes actually that pretty. I mean if i saw her on the street i'd think she'd probably be a bit of a scrubber, but shes got amazing taste in clothes and nice chanel bags so she's not really going wrong. London fashion week <3 And also, she doesnt look english at all! Nice dress too :) xxxxxxxxx

SugarCube said...

I like Kate here she looks fabulous :} I'm doing pretty good , actually a bit bored :D how bout you ?
P.S.About the nails I think I saw more shots like this I may upload them soon.


induviaette said...

I loved this post :) My favourite is probably Vogue's cover, as I love Alexa's geeky, quirky style.
And has it really been 20 years for Moss!? Wow. Never particularly liked her, but like you said, she's done well in sticking around. I agree, that girl does not look English. Very pretty though :) Think I'll be buying Elle this month, just to see Tyler's shoot, she looks fabulous. Well, how could one not with legs up to the ears. Jealous? Very. Lovely post :)
FG xoxo

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