Wednesday, 3 February 2010

u-need uniqlo...

...a label that often gets lost in the shopping sphere.
it's almost as cheap as primark-chic, but has added chic.

it's absolutely prime for basics like
clean-cut tailored blazers,
cashmere knitwear (in a zillion gorgeous colours)
and that all-important trench coat, key for this spring.
and all at amazing prices!
PD loves...

the light trench coat - 49.99

the soft jersey tailored jacket - 29.99

the ponte zip up sleeveless dress - 24.99
the boat necked striped jumper - 9.99

uniqlo says -
"Open the Future.
Luxury will be simplicity.
Purity in design, beauty and comfort for all.
Quality for the people.
Basics are the common language.
The future is here."

PD x

listening to: beyonce - disappear

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