Monday, 15 February 2010

Site of the Month (0.2)

you know the feeling.
when you're flicking through you're average ELLE and feel chanel and ysl and stella-bloody-mccartney burning into your impoverished hands.
you want these beautiful clothes.
but, like everyone normal, you just can't handle the price tag.

the solution? either don't cause yourself the envious pain and ban yourself from fashion magazines,
or, realistically, get yourself over to a website such as and buy glamorous designer garments from the likes of chloe & zac posen at insanely cheap prices
... by designer label standards, anyway.

they say:
"cocosa is an invitation-only fashion club offering access to an array of private sales, each running for 48 hours and brimming with an unrivalled selection of luxury brands up to 80% off."

reasons to love cocosa:

1. the brands offered truly are unrivalled.
i only need to mention karl lagerfeld to prove that point.

2. the garments they choose to feature are ones you would never have imagined to be put on sale. they're all stunning pieces anyone would desire to own.

3. amazing discounts:

and you haven't seen anything yet.
sales coming soon to cocosa:

ugg australia
graeme black
vivienne tam
see by chloe
linda farrow

... and more!

(nb. the welcome page offers you to insert an 'invitation code' or to be added to the waiting list. however, i added myself to the waiting list and was given permission to join the very next day.)

happy shopping :)

PD x

Cocosa Creative 300x250


Ruth loves said...

Im SO joining! Have you put anything on Covert Candy yet? xxx


thank you so much for following my blog i really appreciate it. and i am going to reply to your email in full as soon as i get a chance today :) thank you so much for showing and interest and of course i will link you.

Fashion Court said...

thanks for sharing! xore

Naina Sethi said...

Nice blog ! You are brimming with creative ideas ! I write for a lifestyle blog and think that you should follow

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