Sunday, 21 February 2010

lfw begins

london fashion week

day one
one word to sum up the first day of this season's fashion week? - depressing.
too many collections were so drab. black. goth. rips. ghost. ERGH.
hannah marshall, felderfelder, jean-pierre braganza - i am looking at you.

hannah marshall (left) and felderfelder (right)

i know copious amounts will love this waking-the-dead attire,
but me? no. i've never warmed to goth.
just as i refuse to warm to the bumbag (why, oh why?!).
i do not care if it's winter - i want colour,

or atleast nudes!

aminaka wilmont's beautiful blues shone through the darkness, however.
the prints completely embodied the collection, reminding me of a serene coastline.
and the beach hair went perfectly.

shipwrecked fashion at aminaka wilmont

note the fur shoulders and lots of cut-away at sass & bide

sass & bide

and finally, for day one, the one to watch:

he's made his way into the fashion world
after being awarded first prize at the
'young fashion designer contest'

i love this dress. and natalia vodianova modelling
at your first show isn't half bad!

"a new star is born", hakaan

day two

so, what did day two bring?
well, unluckily for me, yet more white powder,
black lipstick and all-round goth fests.

there were a few gems, however,
aswell as one very big diamond.

the topshop unique collection.
feral animal parts sticking out of heads,
boy-scout uniform, fluffy monobrows.
it was all very weird and ugly, yet somehow beautiful.

i hate to buy into the already ginormous topshop brand,
but this collection really impressed me, and i haven't rated past unique shows.
the knitwear is ingenious.
often completely impractical, yes, but ingenious.

unique f/w10

and last, but certainly not least,
hoorayy for mark fast who, once again,
used larger sized models in his show

'plus-size' models at mark fast, recognise this bountiful beauty from his s/s10 collection?

cannot wait to see the day three reviews.
vivienne westwood. need i say more?

PD x


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Caroline Druitt said...

Topshop unique show is AWESOME. Guessing you've checked out Vivienne Westwood already?!

Love you xxxxxxx

Ruth loves said...

hello gorgeous, wow, it's nice to see some plus size models on there! Topshop Unique - stunning, need i say more?
How've you been?
Awwwww i wanna go to LDN fashion week. Its only 3 hours away. My boyfriends sister met La Roux cos she's at LDNF/W :o xxx

Lottie said...

was so good :)


thanks so much hun, i wondered where you'd gotten to lol. but it's alright i know you've probably been busy. i look forward to the email.
and i love that plus size models have been used on the runway this season, it's time for a little change i think.

LoliTa said...

love the cream on natalia! and those blues are so much more uplifting, you're right!

Robyn said...

That Hakaan dress is beautiful and forward-thinking. The Topshop show was definitely interesting-- I thought I would hate it, but the more I look at the photos, the more it grows on me... "weirdly beautiful" sums it up nicely. Touche.


Julia said...

I wonder if plus sized models will ever become a norm on the runway. I hope so.

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