Tuesday, 2 February 2010

the grammies' golden girl

the aftermath of the grammies is always hilarious.
who looked amazing? who looked hideous? who sung with who? who french-kissed madonna?who flashed their boob?
you get my drift..
surprisingly, there weren't as many fashion faux pas this time round
(bar britney... but that's pretty standard)
even lady gaga didn't make me shriek in horror, and that really is a first.
however, i'm picking one and i'm standing by beyonce.
not only because i adore her in every way possible
but also because, well... let's be honest,
she looked HOT.

beyonce with rihanna, in the stunning armani prive dress she wore to accept her six trophies

(for caroline) jay z looking fly in tom ford

PD x
listening to: baby - justin bieber ft. ludacris
images: style.com

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Ruth loves said...

ahh lovely post :)
snap - check mine out haha :) Xxxxxxxx

Claire said...

ah, Jay Z. He's one smooth operator. <3 C

LoliTa said...

wow beyonce + rihanna= hotness!


Caroline Druitt said...

ok, agree about Beyonce - can she get any more beautiful. And "for caroline" - you know bro. He is beyond incredible. POWER COUPLE OF THE CENTURY

love you xxxxx

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